I offer a variety of opportunities to improve your health. Each is highly customizable and designed to fit within your lifestyle. Whether it's helping you find a new career path, workout regime or essential oil support system, the key is to make it sustainable. 


Health Coaching

Expert Support and Guidance for Your Health


Essential Oils

Your Natural Health Solutions  


Career Transition Assistance 

Proven steps to finding a career you love

Its only been three days on the Doterra Life Long Vitality Vitamins and my guts are moving without laxatives!!! I’m so excited for the cleanse. Thanks MJ!
— Robin M.

Essential Oils

Struggling to fall asleep at night? There's an oil for that. Need help calming your nerves and reducing anxiety? There's an oil for that too! 

With essential oil, you to treat deficiencies and support your immune system naturally. When you buy oils through me, I become your partner - coaching and educating you for free individually and in my Facebook groups. Together, we'll help you utilize natural health solutions to revolutionize your life.  

My hip was so uncomfortable I had given up on sound sleep. The scanner said I should try White Fir for “ease”. I can’t believe this but after 2 days of putting White Fir on the bottom of my feet I am sleeping soundly every night. It is are darn miracle!”
— Shannon K.

Health Coaching

Do you have an Auto-immune disease? Constantly tired? Suffering from chronic pain? Can't seem to lose weight? Together, we'll discuss your current struggles, roadblocks you may be facing, and any past experiences preconceived notions that could be holding you back. 

Then, we'll create a plan bring you back to vitality.  You can overhaul your life and achieve your goals FAST or slowly.  Up to you.  Either way, imagine life with tons of energy, feeling light at an appropriate weight, no pain (except that great feeling from a nice workout), and being in a great mood - a happy and joyful person.  Do you want that?

I'll be with you all the way, coaching you through the process. Using an accountability program to track your success, we'll track your success, and celebrate the wins!

I never get sick anymore. It’s been 4 years since I started using Doterra vitamins and On Guard Essential Oils. That is the reason.
— Sandi M.

Career Transition Assistance

Have you dedicated your working life to fulfilling someone else's expectation? Are you thinking about a job change? What might your work future look like? Let's make a plan for you to change jobs from whatever you are doing to being in full control of your schedule and income potential.

Consider the health and wellness industry.  Millennials, home-schooling moms, Gen Xers, and Baby boomers: Together we will discover or uncover your strengths and play to those in your next career. You will identify and learn the skills you need to succeed, practice them, make money, and have fun.  This is a comprehensive self-development program as a well as a career. 

Note to...

Millennials - Is it true you want Greater flexibility in the workplace, work-life balance and corporate ethics?
Gen Xers - Are you caught between parents who are aging and children you are raising?  Do you need work flexibility? (YES! this is me!)
Baby Boomers -  Are you getting close to retirement? You have drive and you know how to go for something you want.  You've been interested in freedom, fighting for what you believe in, fitness, kids/family, career, self-care, and achievement.  Now its close to time to transition from your current job to focus on something new and exciting.  
You all have a lot of life in front of you and you want all those years to be productive, healthy, fun, and free. You want to be a part of something good, big, and real.    Join the movement to reinvent healthcare.  With 2/3 of Americans overweight or obese, Americans are ready and wanting a health revolution.  Prescription painkillers are our biggest drug problem!  Help people learn NEW ways to get well while having time freedom, money, and your own personal vitality.