Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is excellent for many different people. If you have any reservations about getting up and down from the floor this is a good class to start.  We never get down on the floor.  We do some standing poses with the chair by our side for assistance.  Many of the stretches and flowing poses are done sitting in the chair.  This is a one hour class that includes breathing exercises and a 5 minute meditation.  ANYBODY can get great benefits rom this class.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga begins in the chair and progresses to some very simple floor exercises.  On the floor we get on our hands and knees to flow through cat/cow and spinal balance. Face up we do a few gentle abdominal exercises that help strengthen the core.  We finish the class with breathing exercises and a corpse pose meditation.   

I teach people how to safely get onto and off of the floor.  This is a vital skill that all older folks should know.

Still Strong

This is a gentle and safe weight lifting class.  Participants choose their dumbells for upper body lifting.  Most participants use only body weight for leg and glute exercises.  This class is 45 minutes and includes 5 minutes of gentle stretching at the end.  

As we age we loose muscle mass - roughly 1-2% per year after the age of 65 (Muscles Ligaments Tendons J. 2013 Oct-Dec; 3(4): 346–350. )  and bone density - roughly 4-10% loss per decade after the age of 30.

 Changes in the muscles, joints, and bones affect the posture and walk, and lead to weakness and slowed movement. People lose bone mass or density as they age, especially women after menopause.  Thus it is critical that proper diet and effective exercise be a regular part of life to maintain and even increase bone and muscle density.