Mary-Jean Fischer


Essential Oils Expert, Health Coach & Career Transition Assistant

I live an ADHD lifestyle and I love it! I have learned to work my wild energy and many interests to my advantage by being involved in several endeavors at once. 

Do you do this to some degree too?  I bet so! As a mom of four, my kids have been a big priority – of course! Being a military wife livin’ the military life is great for a person that likes change. Also, I teach group fitness and high school science.  In addition to teaching teens, riding motorcycles, yard work and cooking, I love to hang out with friends, relax with a book and a beverage, travel, and flat out enjoy life! 

All together my interests provide me a robust, healthy, and balanced life while still accomplishing great goals. It’s amazing what you can do with time when you have energy and self-worth! You get energy and self-worth with Essential Health. Try it!

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