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Helping you be your healthiest you. That's my passion. That's why I founded Essential Health.  I offer essential oils, health coaching, and career transition assistance. My approach is hands-on and ultra-personalized. It's designed to help you succeed. 


Essential Oils

Essential oils offer a natural way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

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Health Coaching

I believe in not only supporting your health goals, but giving you a plan that fits into your real life!

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Health Tips

Get health tips and insights on my (semi) regularly updated blog.

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Who am I?

If you’re like me, your life is busy. And, you want your body to keep up! Through years of experience, I have found essential oils and a workout routine you can actually commit to are the keys to success.


I'm in shock... Sitting here at the hematologist office and after 8 years of iron deficiency so bad I get monthly infusions... BUT my numbers are increasing so much they are almost to normal range!!! After today I get 3 months off!! The only thing I've done differently is start the doTerra vitamins! It's crazy... 

My doctor is even confused! 
Thank you MJ for getting me started!! Jenny E.


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